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PABCO Paramount® Starter

PABCO Paramount® Starter is designed for use with all Signature Cut Shingles. Paramount Starter is applied over Universal Starter and under the first course of Signature Cut Shingles to provide a double layer base and also features the proper color blend since it is visible on the roof.

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Shadow Cap

PABCO® Shadow Cap shingles feature a self-seal strip for wind resistance and a bold shadow line to add depth to the hips and ridges of your roofline.

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Shasta HD Ridge

Shasta HD Ridge features SBS modified asphalt and a pre-folded design for ease of application. It is available in 8" and 10" widths, and is made to complement our most popular shingle colors with its bold profile.

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Universal Starter

PABCO® Universal Starter is applied on the leading edge under the first course of asphalt shingles and features a sealant stripe that helps provide wind resistance for your roof system.

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