PABCO & Tapered Teeth

The story behind our shingle design.

We often are asked the question, “Why do PABCO® shingles have tapered teeth, instead of flared like most other asphalt shingles?” We love getting these types of questions that have fun stories behind them. So, here is the story that has been passed down through the years that we will share with you.

The team that designed our first laminated shingle, PABCO Premier®, wanted something that was unique from other options available, but also aesthetically pleasing. They found that other laminated shingles had more square or flared teeth. So, they created a design with tapered teeth that was truly unique from the crowd. The design worked so well that it minimized patterning, which helped achieve the aesthetics they so wanted. In other words, they just nailed it (pun intended!).

As the team was working through the design, it occurred to them that perhaps the tapered tooth might be less likely to trap debris. Kind of a self-cleaning roof, as Plant Manager Rebecca Newman playfully describes it. Now, there are no scientific studies to back up this theory, but it is a pretty cool story.

Now you know the story of PABCO and the tapered tooth…sort of our signature cut, so to speak. Share this with your family and friends. Everyone loves a great roofing story, right?! If you want more fun facts or have a more serious inquiry, give us a shout and we will share what we know.