Product Spotlight: Paramount Advantage®

For when only the best will do.

In the 1980s and 90s, cedar shakes were a popular choice for upscale homeowners associations (HOAs). At the turn of the century, it became much more difficult to source premium cedar shakes since old growth forests were essentially depleted. In addition, HOAs were looking for a superior fire rating that did not incur an additional expense. As the old shake roofs became in need of replacement, HOAs needed a solution and found it with Paramount Advantage® Signature Cut open-tooth shingles. These asphalt shingles have a bold, shake-like appearance and meet UL 790 Class A Fire Resistance Standard. The Limited Lifetime warranty for single-family structures makes Paramount Advantage a sensible option.

For those in wetter areas where those nasty black streaks caused by algae are common, Paramount Advantage comes standard with Algae Defender®, which helps prevent algae from forming on your roof. PABCO® uses a precise, even distribution of copper granules across each shingle that has years of proven effectiveness. Algae Defender can even help mitigate moss and lichen growth with proper roof maintenance.

Paramount Advantage is not just for HOAs. Whether you’re building your new dream home in the city, remodeling a cabin in in the foothills, or just want something to stand out in your neighborhood, Paramount Advantage stands strong and is boldly stylish. If longevity and security are at the top of your list, look no further. Our customers choose Paramount Advantage when nothing but the best will do.
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